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Southeast Regional Handling offers a complete line of dock equipment which incorporates the best in engineering and design, materials and quality. If you need to upfit a new facility with twenty dock levelers or you need to repair an existing dock shelter give Southeast Regional Handling a call.

Dock Levelers

  • Hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical pit-type levelers
  • Barrier lip hydraulic and pneumatic levelers
  • Hydraulic and mechanical edge-of-docks
  • Vertical storing levelers
  • Special design dock levelers

Safety Vehicle Restraints

  • HOLD-TITE® automatic vehicle restraint
  • STOP-TITE® automatic vehicle restraint
  • STOP-TITE® manual vehicle restraint

Dock Seals and Shelters

  • Fixed and adjustable head seals
  • Fixed and flexible frame shelters
  • Custom seals for unique applications

Dock Traffic Light Systems

  • Systems features flashing red and green lights
  • Prevents accidents and injuries with clear communication
  • Economy and Deluxe Traffic Systems Available

DockBoards and YardRamps

  • Economial way to speed up truck loading and unloading
  • Engineered and built to maximize safety while handling loads
  • Manufactured in compliance with OSHA

Trailer Stabilizing Jacks and Wheel Chokes

  • Trailer jacks are used to prevent up-ending
  • Manufactured in compliance with OSHA
  • Level trailers parked on sloped ground
  • Aluminum and Rubber Wheel Chokes Available 

Loading Dock Equipment Southeast Regional Handling

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